5 Easy Step by Step Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

Hello, need your make up to be very attractive and eye catchy? Do you want to make your eyes a centrifugal point of your beauty? Find out how to color your eyes. Let’s discuss about beautiful, fancy Green eyes. Ready?

Easy Step by Step Eye Makeup For Green Eyes:

How to figure out, what are the interesting colors, which would go with, color green is our talk today. Here I come with a small, little guide to help you. All you green eyed girls, get yourself submerged.

Step – 1:

Use a primer. Primer is considering a base to eye make up. Use primer all over the eyelid and all around it also. It up holds the make up for long time so that you stay glamorous all time. This is the first base and important step when you begin your make up. Believe me, your make up will last much longer with this strong base.

Step 2:

Eye darkness, puffy eyes; under eye bags are the problem areas to deal with. Brighten it up with a prefect concealer that matches your skin color. Uses a brush to give perfect stoke and hide the areas necessary. This will make your skin look more appealing.

Step 3:

Finding it tricky to color your green eyes? Here we discuss the pathway.

  •  Nude way
  • Colorful palette
  •  Shiny shimmer

Nude way: Natural colors and Neutral colors go this way. Colors like taupe, peach, beige and gray goes in this palette.

Colorful Palette: Contrast and vibrant colors make you look like a fashionista. Check list goes as follows. Purpule, earthy brown, strawberry, plum, olive green! Wow!

Shiny Shimmer: Gold, copper, charcoal and chocolate are absolute “go to” colors when it comes to a hangover party. Lovers of high drama, this is a great choice for you. Do try it out!

How to apply: The eyelid is divided into 3 parts, which is brow bone, crease and lid.

Brow Bone: Dark colors or shimmer colors are applied on this part. This is the upper portion of the eye. The corners and area of it should be colored after the eyelid is done.

Crease: This is called as the blender area. The shades are blended over here to create a colorful magic.

Eyelid: This is the area where the main color is applied. The color is applied in medium quantity and it goes darker towards the crease.

Step 4:

Eye line\out line the eye: according to the texture of your skin choose the liner. Choose either dry or wet. Wet liners are glossy and shiny but dry are matte effect. Pull your eye and start applying liner from outside to inside. Generally, one cannot finish it in a single stroke, so you can finish it slowly.

Step 5:

Curl it up baby: Use Mascara according to your make up i.e. if you want it voluminous, three dimensional or colorful. Choose the one and apply it both on upper and lower lash for giving a high definition. You can skip lower if you want it to be poise. Just take the wand and stroke it outwards. That is from your eye point to tip of lash.

  • Ready with your charismatic eyes to flaunt? Nevertheless, hold on!
  • Just go through some easy directions to follow the above runway.
  • Never use nails or fingertips to remove excess make up used.
  • Always use a cotton ball damped in cleanser to eraser extra make up.
  • Use appropriate brush
  • Yes! Girls you love make-up but love your skin too. Remove make up when not required.
  • Be confident with the shades you apply.

Make up is an artwork. So, practice it, to the perfection. All girls love make up, be it young or old…. ooopss sorry, women are never old. Therefore, women out there its big time now to glamorize your eyes and sizzle the surrounding.


5 Easy Step by Step Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

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