Pre-sleep drinks that cleanse your liver and burn fat

In the digestive system interact a series of organs together, in order to perform this important function. It is assumed that digestion is the absorption of nutrients that have food, which must be processed and produce waste that generally need to be purified from the body.

When the body accumulates too many toxins, it becomes prone to suffer certain diseases, which can cause serious problems. Fortunately, we have the liver, one of the largest organs of the digestive system and the body; it plays a fundamental role in preventing obesity and losing weight.

In addition to cleaning the blood, the liver interacts in a large number of bodily functions, some of which are the production of cholesterol, process fats to strengthen the metabolism, and much more. Such functions force us to keep our liver healthy and fully functioning. Every so often, this body must be detoxified.

You do not have to spend too much money on the process, nor do you need to wait for something to go wrong to start treatment. You need to have the most effective method and we are going to give it to you through a series of natural drinks that you should not stop preparing. Try them, you will notice the difference.


With the preparation of these natural drinks, detoxifies the liver completely in a short time.

Chamomile tea: the softest option to digest, which provides a large amount of antioxidants capable of strengthening the body.

You require:

A spoonful of chamomile flowers.
8 ounces (one cup) of mineral water.
Boil the water to the boiling point, add the chamomile and remove from heat. Keep the infusion covered for a long time, until cool and drink every night.
Lemon water: Lemon is a powerful natural detoxifier.
A medium lemon
6 ounces of mineral water, very hot.
Mix the lemon juice in the water and consume half an hour before sleeping, without any sweetener.

Ginger and lemon tea: rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help metabolism.


A slice of ginger root, not very large.
Juice of half a lemon
8 ounces of mineral water.
Simply boil the water and remove from the heat. Add the ginger and lemon juice, wait 15 minutes to stir very well. Drink before bed, 3 times per week.

Mint tea: a great benefit for digestion and improves the ability to purify the body.


2 tablespoons dried mint leaves.
8 ounces of mineral water.
Boil the water and add the mint, let it cook for 2 minutes before pouring and serving. Consume every night before going to sleep.

Oat water: rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals that improve digestion and help cleanse the liver, along with the intestines.


A cup of whole oats.
6 cups of purified water.
A teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
First let the oats soak in the water for 7 hours, then strain and clean with pure water. Blend with the other ingredients and serve with ice if you wish.

Debugging the body is a fairly simple process, do not miss the opportunity and start doing it today. The results are going to be incredible and momentary; do not leave aside these recipes, share with your acquaintances in social networks.

Pre-sleep drinks that cleanse your liver and burn fat

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